Torii Gate

Shinto shrine

Please bow in front of the torii gate. After completing your visit, when passing through the Torii Gate again from the outside towards the main shrine, be sure to bow in the same manner.


Place your handtemizu s under the flowing water, cleanse your hands, rinse your mouth, and purify yourself.

Purify money
and bad luck with Ryujin-sui

Osaisen (Offering Money)

Money Offering(VendingMachine) Shinto shrine

We provide a vending machine as an offertory box.

1. Purchase an amulet and seal set that match the contents of your prayer, such as a money purifier.

2. Offer the set to the shrine, and pray with two bows, two claps and a third bow.

Goshuin (Seal stamped on paper given to worshippers and visitors to shrines)

You can receive a Goshuin in the Copa Shop.

Using Ryujin-sui to expel evil and terminate bad relationships

Water for
washing or moistening one's hands

Purifying Money with Dragon God Water

1. Get a money purification set from the vending machine and pray in front of the shrine.

2. In front of the Ryujin statue, sprinkle the bills with the Ryujin-sui that flows to the left for purification, put the bills in the bag in the set and take it home with the amulet.

Cutting Ties and Dispelling Misfortune with Dragon God Water

Purchase a "Relationship Cutting and Misfortune Dispelling Set" from the vending machine. During the shrine visit, dip the handkerchief in the Dragon God water, lightly wipe your neck. This action helps sever negative ties in relationships and dispel misfortune.


Wishing with Japanese Zodiac Stones

金運、財運は<金運財運セット>の塩をふれる 十二角形の石柱

A top the dodecagonal stone pillar to the right of the shrine, vibrant carvings depict the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, spanning from rats to wild boars.

For those seeking guidance in matters of love, relationships, or interpersonal challenges, consider obtaining an amulet set tailored for love, harmonious connections, and positive human relations. Alternatively, opt for a set designed to sever toxic relationships and ward off negativity. To activate its power, stand before the shrine, and touch the three pink letters with the salt from the set. This ritual is believed to attract positive relationships, dissolve detrimental connections, and enhance both love and human relations.

To channel blessings for career growth, work success, overcoming competition, and maintaining good health, clutch the salt from a specialized set crafted for these purposes. Engage the power of the set by touching the three red letters with the salt.

For those aspiring to popularity and talent, seeking prowess in the performing arts, and enhancing beauty, harness the energy by holding the salt from a set designed for these aspirations.